Truck Racer Single Link ISO Full Version

[]Truck Racer Single Link ISO Full Version

Review :
Take the wheel of a truck hurtling along at top speed , blow away your opponents and claim victory ! Drive on 48 tracks in vehicles that can be completely destroyed . Customize every aspect of your truck , from engine to paint. Rise to all the challenges in Championship mode and upgrade your truck .

This game provides a , while far from realistic , incredibly fun kind of driving and vehicle handling . While simple in terms of variety and content , races are always exciting , whether you 're bashing up with the solid AI CPU trucks , or carefully drifting turns in the lead . I have encountered zero glitches or issues with the interface and its intuitiveness , and vehicle customization adds a nice amount of depth , finding the right combination of parts to get your own personal perfect setup . I still can't help but feel that this game was perhaps lacking some sort of ' feature ' Almost like how you 'd feel playing a combat racing game without weapons , sort of. If you don't have the patience and time is not worth killing for you , the single player campaign can feel somewhat lengthy , but, again , the driving itself always feels solid . Would recommend to anyone who just wants to relax with the kind of game that they can play while thinking about things, chill out, not much frustration, and just keep on truckin '.

[]Truck Racer Single Link ISO Full Version

[]Truck Racer Single Link ISO Full Version

[]Truck Racer Single Link ISO Full Version
Minimum Spek
OS : Windows XP SP3
Processor : Intel Core2Duo
Memory : 2GB
Hard disk space : 5GB
VGA : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD4870

Cara Install
1. Mount
2. Install Game
3. Copy crack ke folder game
4. Mainkan

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