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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the next chapter in the Sands of Time universe. Visiting his brother's kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under siege from a mighty army bent on its destruction. When the decision is made to use the ancient power of the Sand in a desperate gamble to save the kingdom from total annihilation, the Prince embarks on an epic adventure in which he learns to bear the mantle of true leadership, and discover that great power often comes with a great cost. [Ubisoft]


Review User :
 The game lives up to all you'd expect from "Prince of Persia". Insane acrobatics, dynamic fights with overwhelming crowds of bad guys, huge and terrifying "boss" monsters: the "Forgotten Sands" has a fair share of everything. I heard a few complaints about new combat system as being overly simplified. They don't seem well-founded. Fights are enormous fun. The list of combos has been reduced, but frankly I was never able to use most of the old ones in a meaningful way in combat, so good riddance.
There are few neat surprises in acrobatics. New elements (i.e. "abilities" of the Prince) are uncovered gradually as one goes through the game, keeping player from getting bored. Some sequences are infuriatingly hard and may require flawless timing and a lot of practice to get through. Implementation of camera and controls is not exactly perfect. Occasionally, a sloppy camera movement may mess up some complex acrobatic combo, which is frustrating.
Traditionally, as it gets closer to the end, the game goes completely crazy. It's hard to believe that what you see on the screen is possible even in a computer game. It's still fun though.
The game features new DRM sub-system. Apparently, a substantial part of game "logic", e.g. which door is supposed to be open or closed, which lever does what, etc. is downloaded on the fly from remote server. That's why stable Internet connection is required to play. This is a cool technical achievement. It also seems to work: all "cracked" versions so far are buggy

Minimum Spek
OS : Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor : Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon X2
Memory : 1GB
Hard disk space : 8GB
VGA : NVIDIA GeForce 6800 / ATI Radeon x1600

Cara Install
1. Mount menggunakan daemon tools
2. Install Game via Autoplay
3. Copy crack Skidrow ke folder game
4. Mainkan

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